Young Prisms preview

Young Prisms will be playing at City Tavern tonight (Jan 25th) with Melted Toys, Speculator and Blackstone Rangers. Set times are: 9pm for Blackstone Rangers, 9:40 for Speculator, 10:20 for Melted Toys and 11pm for Young Prisms. $7 cover.

Over the last few years, an emerging niche within underground rock has been a steady inclination toward noise and distortion. As budding talents within this scene, San Francisco’s Young Prisms embody its sound with sublime effervescence.  Pulsating rhythms and guitar fuzz are abundant, while an affinity for buoyant bass lines and soaring vocal melody distinguishes them from most of their peers. Their lyrics are by and large unintelligibly drowned in reverb, providing warmth and layering upon an already dense pallet of sounds. It’s a harrowingly gorgeous effect and one that Young Prisms know how to utilize. Consequently, Friends for Now has given 2011 its first glimpse of beauty buried beneath the chaos, as well as the effusive artistry of these five Californians.

by Zach Hale.