POF Radio: Episode 67

another delicious show!


Real Estate – Suburban Dogs – playing at Dada TOMORROW (friday) w/ Love Inks, Baruch the Scribe and Boy Friend
Real Estate – Snow Days
Love Inks – Skeleton Key
Boy Friend – The False Cross
Die! Die! Die! – Death to the last romantic
The Rapture – Modern Romance
Tunnel of Love – American Girls
Jacuzzi Boys – Dock
Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever
Swearing at Motorists – Ohio/Southern Hills, Walnut Belle
Woodsman – Insects – playing Rubber Gloves 4/29
United Nations – I keep living the same day
Liars – Sailing to Byzantium
Le Butcherettes – All you see in me is death
Young Widows – The Muted Man
Big Business – Gold and final – playing dada on 8/12 w. Torche
Torche – Face the wall