Recently Acquired

New stuff since the last time . . .

The ATLAS MOTH – 7″ (witch trial) – Hand numbered out of 500.

CASH IN/FIGHT AMPSplit 7″ (assassinated) – Fight Amp covers Hammerhead’s “All This Is Yours”.

FIGHT AMPFight Amputation 7″ (knife hits)

FIGHT AMPHungry For Nothing 12″ (brutal panda/big sleep) – Lyrics on poster insert. Found via google search. download.

FIGHT AMPManners and Praise 12″ (brutal panda/red sun) – Found via google search. Download

FIGHT AMP/LADDER DEVILS/KOWLOON WALLED CITYLose Lose Lose 12″ (brutal panda) – Three way split containing two songs from each artist. Clear vinyl.

Winter/Spring 2011 by HOZAC RECORDS

Picked up someone’s subscription for the HoZac Records Hookup Klub. Each pressed in an edition of 500.

The FRESH & ONLYSTell Me What You Want To Know/Nothing Ever Happens 7″ (hozac)

IDLE TIMESS/T 12″ (hozac)

MANNEQUIN MENHobbyGirl/See Saw 7″ (hozac)

RADAR EYESShakes/not you again 7″ (hozac)

READING RAINBOWTough Love/Over It 7″ (hozac)

READING RAINBOWPrism Eyes 12″ (hozac)

SEXCHURCH209/Paralyze 7″(hozac)

SUPER WILD HORSESEnigma/World’s gone bad 7″ (hozac)

SUPER WILD HORSESFifteen 12″ (hozac)

WOVEN BONESIn and Out and Back Again 12″ (hozac)