Recently Acquired (mp3s and videos)

I am floored at how much stuff keeps trickling in this week:

CIBBO MATTO – Yeah Basically Tour Promo video:

JAIL WEDDINGS -“I thought you were someone I knew” mp3 courtesy of the band; Their album, Love is Lawless is out now via white noise. Stream the full album here. New video:

MARISSA NADLER – “The Sun always Reminds Me of You” mp3 from Marissa Nadler’s soundcloud. Song is off her upcoming S/T album on here own label, Box of Cedar Records, coming out June 14th.

MIRACLE FORTRESS – “Raw Spectacle (Pantha du Prince remix)” and “Miscalculations” mp3s via secret city records. Tracks taken from Was I The Wave?

SEA THINGS – “AM” mp3 via banter media.

SOUND REMEDY sent out a new Tyler the Creator dupstep horror remix of “Fuck Bill”, but with all the hype Tyler is receiving, you might be more interested in the tracks they have posted on their facebook instead; but maybe not.

TERA MELOS – Have a new 51 (YES! FIFTY-ONE) minute track. “Echos on the Hills of Knebworth“. Listen via their bandcamp page.

Here is a teaser for their new tour documentary. You can see brief scenes from the hootenany after the Tera Melos/Marnie Stern show at Sons of Hermann Hall this past Winter.

updated: one link updated.