Lack of posts means . . .

(skull made of cassette tapes)

Lack of posts means I’m insanely busy; this is a good thing.  If anyone is willing to submit content, such as album or show reviews, then let us know. Save the dates, we have some shows to announce soon:

November 1st (last minute, hopefully will announce this week)
November 19th – tba
December 8th – tba
December 16th – tba
February 12th – tba

More coming soon! PLEASE Vote for Parade of Flesh in the Dallas Observer Music Awards; question #34 Talent Buyer. (yes, this is different than the “Best Concert Promoter” thingy a few weeks back). Text DAL170 to 61721. Thanks for your support. New episode of Parade of Flesh radio at 4PM Thursday (and encore broadcast at 10AM Fridays on