Dallas Observer Music Editor NOW HIRING

Total bummer, but completely understandable, that Pete Freedman is leaving Dallas for some Clam Chowder in New England. Technically he is moving back home.  Their football team is better and he’s a sports’ guy. I’m not sure if its’ with his parents or anything like that: He IS NOT having a breakdown or an intervention, so far. Here is him breaking the news.

Pete’s last day is Nov. 1st, so Dallas Observer is now hiring a Music Editor. Pete did a great job and put up with a lot of people’s negative comments over the years. Did you see what a great job they pulled off Tuesday at House of Blues? (Despite the bar being shady on drink tickets, but that’s not his fault). SAD TO SEE YOU GO MAN.


Please, someone cool apply for this position. Someone open minded and has diverse taste.  Someone knowledgeable about many genres of music. Someone not out to get anyone. Someone that wants to make the Dallas music scene grow and thrive.

Email here or APPLY HERE: Journalism Jobs

And change the name of the DC9 at night. It makes no sense, especially when DC9 is a music venue/club in Washington, D.C.