POF Radio: Episode 106

Wow, I can’t believe POF Radio on indie-verse.com has been going on for 2 years now. I just realized that mark crept on us three weeks ago. Listen to Parade of Flesh radio every Thursday at 4pm Central and reairs at 10am Fridays.

This week’s archive: (mp3)


Woods – “Out of the Eye” – playing w/ The Olivia Tremor Control on April 27th at Dada
Bass Drum of Death – “Get Found” – appearing at Bro Fest on March 18th
Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations – also appearing at Bro Fest 2012
Bomb The Music Industry! – “Everybody That you Love” – playing at La Grange on April 1st.
Terry Malts – “Nauseous” – opening for Real Estate & The Twerps on April 10th at Dada
The Twerps – “Dreamin”
Real Estate – “Easy”
Moon Duo – “When You Cut” – Playing with Psychic Ills at Dada on April 26th
Psychic Ills – “Meta”
La Dispute – “King Park” – at Rubber Gloves on April 14th w/ Balance & Composure, Sainthood Reps & All Get Out
Balance and Composure – “Rope”
Rotting Out – “Dead To Me” – Playing at Queen City Hall on Friday the 13th of April w/Power Trip, FocusedXMinds and Hands of the Few
Power Trip – “Hammer of Doubt”
FocusedxMinds – “Stay Focused”