Relevant Links of the Week

Not to spoil it for you, but 7.9! That’s one more reason why you should come to this sit-down show with Idiot Glee on Saturday (2/8).


“Scott Kelly Strips Down to His Vulnerable Core”[by Kelly Dearmore via Dallas Observer]
Acoustic music. Emotional warts. Need we say more? Catch him and Eugene Robinson on SATURDAY (2/18).


Whoa, Bro Fest is some pretty notable internet buzz! You should probably get your tickets soon!


The Men – Ex-Dreams by Cargo_Promo
STREAM: The Men – “Ex-Dreams”
“Ex-Dreams” is the last track from The Men’s latest album, Open Your Heart. See them and more at BRO FEST 2012!

Apparently, this is “the most accomplished Alcest offering.” Alcest will be at Queen City Hall with Hull and Mutilation Rites 3/19.


Miss Frankie Rose is definitely one of the most prolific artists out there right now. Check out her latest solo work in its entirety over at Spin. She’ll be in Dallas with Dive in April on Friday the 13th!


This track, the result of a collaboration between Woods and Amps for Christ, is a perfect split album between the two bands, both of which have done 4.5 tracks each. See Woods with The Olivia Tremor Control and The Deathray Davies 4/27.


REVIEW: Los Campesinos! at Club Dada [via Indie and Such.]
Check out the fun Wednesday night you missed a/o want to relive.

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