POF Radio: Episode 115

Last week didn’t happen b/c life got in the way.

Today’s show has a really good flow and hits a few different genres without scaring you off till the end.

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Moon Duo – When You Cut – with Psychic Ills, True Widow & Eyes Wings at Dada TONIGHT 4/26
Psychic Ills – I’ll Follow You through the floor
True Widow – Night Witches
Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things – Cruelty
Woods – Rain On – with Olivia Tremor Control & Deathray Davies FRIDAY at Sons 4/27
Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945
Disappears – Replicate w. Lotus Plaza, Nervous Curtains & Sungod 4/28 at Dada
Lotus Plaza – Strangers
Nervous Curtains – Wired To Make Waves
Dent May – Best Friends – June 15th at Bryan St. w/ Dim Locator & Browningham
Magik Markers – Body Rot – May 11th at Bryan St. w/Pvc St. Gang & Diamond Age
Hollows – Up & Down – opening for Bass Drum of Death & DZ Deathrays on July 11th at Club Dada
Shonen Knife – The KKK Took My Baby Away (ramones cover) – at Club Dada August 17th
Enabler – Heart Attack Man (Beastie Boyscover) – part of the Southern Lord Tour, making at stop at Club Dada in Dallas on June 27th w/ Black Breath, Burning Love, Martyrdöd, Enabler, Power Trip & Wild//Tribe
Black Breath – Forced into Possession
Burning Love – Karla
Martyrdöd – Köttberg