Recently Acquired

Here’s what I snagged on vacation from Amoeba Records and Aquarius Records in San Francisco. (who BOTH shipped the vinyl home for me… and was on my doorstep upon arrival).

CRIMESan Francisco’s STILL Doomed 12″ (swami) – Out of print Swami Records release. Twenty-two tracks of late 70’s rock and roll. ws

The LOCUSTS/T 12″ (gsl) – I bought this out of nostalgia… since I’ve owned it on cd for many years.

LOMO PRIETAI.V. 12″ (deathwish) – Grey vinyl, first pressing.

LOMO PRIETALife/Less 12″ (discos huelga) – San Francisco HC band.

MERCHANDISEChildren of Desire 12″ (katorga works) – Comes with zine/booklet.

OBITSLet Me Dream If I Want To 7″ (sub pop) – Blue Vinyl b/w The City Is Dead.

THURSDAYFive Stories Falling EP 12″ (victory) – Five song ep; four being performed live.

V/A – BRING BEER 12″ (12xu) – This is an offshoot of Matador Records AND the 2nd Austin based Record Store Day compilation they’ve put out. Features the Golden Boys, The Flesh Lights, Phillip Sambol of The Strange Boys, Followed By Static, Naw Dude and more of course.

V/A – IN A CLOUD II – New Sounds From San Francisco 12″ (secret seven) – The 2nd installment of “In A Cloud”, which just like the subtitle indicates: “sounds from San Francisco”. Features young acts and Bay area staples such as Ty Segall Band, Sonny and the Sunsets and much more. 850 copies pressed.

updated: 7/25